3 Statement Red Lipsticks For DarkSkin Girls

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Spiced spellFenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint- UncensoredRuby Woo

Ever since I started wearing makeup I really experimented with everything. 


I went from having very thick jet black eyebrows to wearing foundation tones at least 3 shades lighter than me (to be fair this wasn’t my fault it was very hard finding my skin shade). 


One thing I really stayed away from was lipsticks to be specific, red lipsticks.


Having big lips and dark skin I always thought that bright and bold colours on my lips really wasn’t a good idea.


A certain rapper cough* cough* A$AP Rocky made a comment about how dark skin girls shouldn’t wear red lipstick and while this was just one individual who said this, it was followed up with a lot of people agreeing and some disagreeing.


Obviously being 13 I was so focused on what people thought so after being  seeing these comments all I wore on my lips for years was just clear gloss and nudes 


Recently (like 2 years ago) I started wearing more red lipstick and honestly what was i scared of? 


Wearing bold lipsticks give you a whole other level of confidence and because dark skin women CAN wear red lipsticks here’s three that I’ve been loving so far.  

M.A.C Retro Matte Lipstick In Ruby Woo

 Let’s start with a classic. I feel like I speak for a lot of black women when I say that this hits the mark.


I found this a couple of years who I’m completely in love with it.  


It looks sooo good against medium to dark skin tones and really just looks amazing, it’s also a soft matte so it doesn’t dry out your lips. 


When using it I use the cherry lip liner also by m.a.c to line my lips and complete my look. 

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint In Uncensored

When Rih dropped her makeup up line I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this lipstick. 


Trust me when I say that this absolutely 110% looks good on all skin tones,  she really wasn’t playing when she dropped this. 


It dries very nicely and does crack up like some mattes do leave you with an unapologetic red look. 

NYX Slip Tease In Spiced Spell

This lipstick is slightly darker than the above two. 


I love it because it’s not too dark to the point that its like burgundy red. 


Another thing I like about it is that its kind of glossy, not too glossy but glossy enough. 

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Spiced spellFenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint- UncensoredRuby Woo