4 Apps Every Independent Woman Needs

We all know we live in a modern world and with this comes with so many apps that not only help us organise our busy lives but lets us stay on top of things from budgeting to our daily workouts.


Despite technology having its negative effects there’s no denying that it can be amazing for providing us with all these amazing apps, however, it’s very hard to know the best ones. 


So I’m here with four apps that I think every modern-day independent woman needs.

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Yolt is a budgeting app that makes it so easy to create your monthly budgets, monitor your bills and track spending history.


It allows you to link the app with your online bank account so your current balance is always up to date on the app, what I love about Yolt is that you can look through the last three months of your spending history and put the transactions into categories like shopping, eating out, groceries this way you can monitor what you’re spending the most money on and cut down if you need to.


Another thing that’s great about this app is that it not only allows you to keep a track on your bills/ subscriptions but it lets you create your own budget for the month. For example, if you want to spend £50 a month on groceries, you can put that in your budget and it lets you know if you’ve gone over.

Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club is literally like a personal trainer on your phone.

This app allows you customise your workouts by entering your goal, how many times you work out a week, how fit you are etc after you enter all of this it customises a month’s long workout plan for you.


What is good about this is that it shows little clips of the workouts so you don’t need to worry about not knowing what to do, as well as this the workouts created can be done with little to no work out equipment. It gives you daily workouts mixed with rest days and endurance runs, it also allows you to be flexible with your workouts and do them in your own pace and time.


This app is perfect for if you’re busy, always on the go and don’t have time to go to the gym they can be done at home, in a little space in your living room or in your room with a yoga mat.

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Planoly is planner/scheduler for Instagram, it might sound a bit tedious but it’s actually very useful.


It lets you plan your Instagram posts and stories not only days in advance but weeks, so if you want to be super organised and have other things going on this is for you, when it comes to the time to post the app sends you a notification to remind you to post it.


One thing I love about this app is that it analyses your posts and gives you the best time to post based on your previous post engagements, it also helps you generate hashtags to reach your desired audience.


I feel like every woman needs a period tracker app of any kind, my favourite and the current one is Clue.


Just like other period trackers clue keeps a track on your cycle and your ovulation period, one thing that I like about this app more than the others is that it allows you to log how you’re feeling daily, from cravings and tiredness to the amount of sleep you’re getting, how your digestion is, exercise to even your sex life- this is to make the predictions even more accurate.  


If you’re like me and like planning events based on your period then this is for you as the predictions are pretty accurate, it tells you when you’re PMs’ing and helps you understand how this affects your hormones and your body.

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