5 tips for hosting a successful Galentines day lunch

So for those of you who don’t know, Galentine’s day is like Valentines day but we throw away the tradition of only spending it with your boyfriend or girlfriend or just those who you are romantically interested or involved with.


Instead, on galentines day you gather all your gal pals and throw a little something to show them your lurrrvvvvvv and appreciation. 


So for all of you guys who wanna show your appreciation for your friends by hosting something for them here are a few tips on how to make it a successful one.

Plan Ahead:

So for me, I knew that I wanted to host this probably since December.


The first thing I did was to choose a day that I wanted to host. 


I chose the 9th of February even though it’s usually celebrated on the 13th the day before the actual valentines day.


Next thing I did was to make sure that all my friends were actually free on that day which luckily it was because you know how it is trying to get everyone together on the same day.

Food Food Food

The way I see it, there is no such thing as a diet on galentines day. 


Try to have foods that everybody will enjoy so as much as I do love sweet foods, for mine I choose a mixture of both because I knew that my friends will enjoy it. 

The more drinks the better

I love love love rosé so like any normal person would do I stocked up on A LOT of bottles it was only thing to do right…right?

Go all out on decor

I got a lot a ballons to hang around my flat, as well as some table decorations that just pulled everything together.

Have a good playlist

You’re going to what to want a good playlist to mute the sound of chewing when everyone is eating, also something that is just chill and can be background noise while everyone talks.


With these tips, I hope you go on to have the most amazing galentine with your friends.