Essential Summer Jewellery & Where To Find Them

Cute Summer Jewellery

urban outfitters hoops

When it comes to my outfits, one thing I can always count to elevate my looks is the right jewellery. The correct jewellery can make a basic outfit stand out which is why I’m always careful in choosing the right one depending on the outfit and event. 

From plain studs, hoops, to quirky earrings- I’ve got your back with a list of nice spring/ summer earrings that you will not get tired of this year.

Lets start with hoops

For all my jewellery my go-to is usually gold, and gold hoops are ultimate my favourite.  I choose the big hoops when I want to make a statement with my jewellery, medium-sized ones for going out to dinner and smaller ones for wearing on a day to day basis.


Personally, I feel like I need to have earings on when I have my hair in a ponytail or when I’m wearing it off of my face. Because my face is round I feel like if I was to have my hair up with no jewellery all you can see if just my head whereas adding any statement jewellery gives me face a well-needed lift. 

urban outfitters hoopsLarge Gold HoopsPearl Gold Hoops

Another type of hoops that I absolutely love are the mini huggie style hoops. If you’re like me and have you second ear lobe pierced this is absolutely perfect for them, I usually struggle with picking an earring for my second lobe because I find just wearing studs on them is so boring. These small hoops go hand in hand with the bigger hoops and honestly anything other types of jewellery, they’re not too small that they go unnoticed but they’re also not too big that they completely take over your ear. 

Another type of jewellery that I’m loving so far for summer are abstract face earrings- I feel like this type of earrings add a lot of personality to your outfit. They’re so quirky compared to a lot of the other plain jewellery that you get. 


You can get these anywhere but I would recommend h&m ad that’s where I got the two above from.


Does anyone have any go-to jewellery for summer? Comment below to share them.