Fenty Beauty | Concealer & Powder Review

So, for anyone who doesn’t know, on Friday Fenty Beauty released a range of concealers and powders- the concealers have FIFTY SHADES yup, you read right fifty shades all ranging from the colour 100 to 498. While the powders have eight shades.

After staying up to make sure I order both the concealer and powder here’s my review:

First thing’s first I love, love, love the bottle- not just the aesthetic of it but the content.

It seems like it has A LOT in it, I always complain about how always seem to be buying concealers so I’m quite happy about that.

I noticed how the wand of the concealer allows you to put the needed amount on your face without you dipping in and out of the bottle, so you can add as you blend. Its also full coverage so you can hide all your bad decisions, eye bags, acne scars that your foundation may not do.

It says in the description of the concealer that a little goes a long way which I agree with. This is because it’s creamy so you actually cover a lot as you blend so you can avoid having a cakey finished look.

The concealer is described as crease proof which… I didn’t completely agree with. I found that my under eyes were quite creased when i finished. Although i have a few lines naturally under my eyes so which could be eue to that, so that should be a heads up that it doesnt immediately make your creases disapperar.

For reference, my concealer shade is 460 which has warm golden undertones.

I wasn’t really a fan because I prefer my makeup to have a neutral shade all the way through, however, using the powder nutmeg which is a deep shade used for brightening so it evened it out for me.

The powder is also said to have no flashback, which I agree on as shown in the photo below, when applying it blendes in very nicely leaving you with a flawless finish.

Share your thoughts on the new concealers and powders if you’ve tried it.