For The Love Of Berets

Since my Autumn lookbook, and not only have I been completely obsessed with berets but I’ve been wearing them every chance that I get. So i did what anyone who found a new and profound love for berets would do and bought more!


Here are three beret looks that I’ve been loving this year:

Beret No 1:

I got this yellow beret from PrettyLittleThing.


I love the colour yellow so when i saw this beret i had to get it, what else screams AUTUMN! more than a yellow beret.

I styled this with a matching yellow scarf with that I also got from PrettyLittleThing along with this grey checkered blazer.

Beret No 2:

This beret is from Miss Selfridge.


I love the colour in this, it can be styled with a number of different things- I chose to go with a white tee.

This beret has a nice bright colour, I like this as it can distract from the sometimes gloomy autumn weather.

Beret No 3:

The last beret is just a plain black one which I got from PrettyLittleThing.


I used this in the ‘Autumn lookbook’ that i did.

I  like this beret because although its plain it’ll always go with outfits. I always say that black goes with everything and this is an example of it.