Four TV Shows To Binge This Season

As the nights get darker and cooler it’s very hard to not want to stay in, get all cosied up and binge your favourite shows. If you’re anything like me and feel like you just can’t find the best show to fall in love with then you’re in for a treat as I’ve rounded up my favourite shows with the right amount of seasons to keep you busy this season. 


Detective Nick Burkhardt discovers that he is descendant from a long line of hunters known as a ‘Grimm’. With this new power, he now has the ability to see these magical creations known as ‘Wesen’ for who they truly are when they are disguised as humans.

Now with the help of a friendly wesen, they work together to solve mysteries while distinguishing the bad wesens from the good ones while also keeping it a secret from his longterm girlfriend and his police partner.

I like this because it’s like any other detective show but with the added fantasy mystery, every episode is completely different as you’re introduced to a new storyline and wesen.

Genre- Fantasy, Horror, Drama. 

Seasons- 6

Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.   


Bipolar CIA agent Carrie Mathieson is convinced that a war prisoner who was held captive for seven has been turned by a terrorist group and is planning on an attack in America. She goes against the rules to prove this putting America at risk. In further seasons she does other problematic things, such as going off her meds so she can focus more, uncover evidence and protect her country.

This show is honestly one of that ‘ sitting on the edge of your seat’ shows. I like that I never know what to expect from her, one minute her mental health is completely spiralling out of control and the next minutes she’s coming up with a plan that will oversee the safety of the entire country. 

Genre- Crime, Drama, Mystery.

Seasons- 8

Available on Netflix.


The show is first set in the 1900s where a Claire Randall, a combat nurse is on her honeymoon with her husband when she is transported back to the 1700s filled with tension between the English and the Scottish. There a meets a Scotsman, Jamie Fraser who she falls madly in love with and later marries while still in the 1700s. Armed with her knowledge from the future and her skills as a nurse they go on this romance and passion-filled journey together. 

One thing I love about this show is the chemistry between the two characters, but it’s also a mixture of history and fantasy. It’s so interesting to see how Claire a modern woman navigates a world that is completely different from the one that she knows.

It took the first couple of episodes to get into but after that, I completely fell in love with it and still am. 

Genre- History, Romance, Fantasy.

Seasons- 4

Available on Amazon Prime.


Ragnar Lothbrok starts out as a farmer of this small town who wants to go out and explore more, he’s frustrated by the towns current earl who wants them to go and raid villages who are already poor. So Ragnar being the person he enlists men who follow him to explore and riad other civilisation. Throughout the seasons we get to see the brutal and mysterious world of the Vikings. If you like Game of Thrones then you’ll love Vikings as it takes you back to those times where things were just different. The storyline is so amazing, and as brutal as the characters her you start to humanise them and see things from their worlds and perspective. 

Genre- Action, Adventure, Drama

Seasons- 5

Available on Amazon Prime