It’s Okay To Take A Break And Here’s Why

I’m quite a productive person, growing up its been ingrained into me that if you want something you have to go out and get it. This is why I feel like I have to be constantly on the go, when I’m resting I have to really have earned it. 

From university, working, attending social events, visiting family and overall trying to fit a lot into my life, you can imagine this can be quite exhausting not only psychically but mentally and emotionally. 

Over summer I was brought to a big halt, I had reached the point of burnout- as it turns out I was ignoring all the signs that my body was telling me to stop and slow down. Being a very resistant person, I was still trying to push through it and keep going while my body was telling me that it was just exhausted.

My migraines went from being every few months to weekly, my period went from coming at the same time every month to being delayed by two months because I was that stressed. 

 The things that love doing became draining – it took more effort than it did in the past which was when I knew that I had to take some time out. 

I did what a few of my friends called “ghosting”; they mentioned how I stopped going out and posting on my social media including my blog which was not like me, but for me, it wasn’t ghosting, for me, it was finally taking care of myself. 

It’s not new that a lot of people from our generation have a lot going on within their lives. I’ve spoken previously about how we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to have our shit together, to always be on the move that I think we forget to take care of ourselves. 

It’s easy to say “look after yourself” when you don’t know how or when you don’t know when you need to take a break. For me I just wrote it off- I just thought it was typical me being stressed out. I had to actively remind myself that if I didn’t look after myself then no one else would- for me, it was my responsibility to myself.

This is me reminding all you that it’s not selfish to take a break; take a walk, take a time out for however long you want because, in the long run, your health will thank you.

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