Leopard Print Inspired Look Book


When shopping, I prefer to do so on my own this is because I prefer to take my time and walk around different shops. I do this so I get a better idea of what each store has to offer as well as being able to try the clothes on, this gives me more insight on how items fit my body. I like to have a visual idea of what I can be able to pair the items with – what goes and what doesn’t. It gives me the opportunity to match jewellery and shoes with the outfits, helping me achieve the look I’m going for.

Side Note: when shopping for trendy items it’s important to remember that it is trending. This means that people around you will also be shopping for the same things. While not a bad thing, if your intent is to stand out and make your own statement then it would be best to consider not shopping from items that everyone else has, but to think outside the box and style your outfit in a unique way- always thinking of how it would look with other items of clothing that you already own. This way, when the clothing isn’t trending anymore it doesn’t stop you from wearing it.

Look One:

I like this playsuit because, while it has quite a lot going on with the leopard print, I find that it’s still quite simple and can be worn on different occasions as it can be easily dressed up or dressed down. I chose to wear this on a night out and found that pairing it with a simple black bag and shoes with some gold jewellery, it became something I felt good wearing out

Look Two:

I chose to go with an all black outfit for this look, adding the leopard print with the belt rather than having it be the main focus. I used the same bag and jewellery as the previous outfit as, like I mentioned before, when shopping for full outfits it’s important to buy items that can be matched with more than one thing.

Look Three:

I saved my favourite look for last with this leopard cami and denim skirt combo. The camisole can be styled to go with so many different things (both clothes wise and accessory wise), myself personally choosing to pair it with a black denim skirt. I love this as I feel it’s one of those items that can be so easily styled with multiple different things and it’s something you’d have to try really hard to make look anything resembling bad – I just think it’s almost effortlessly fashionable. I used a black clutch and spotted golden jewellery, with the earrings I chose complimenting the colours of the cami nicely.