New Year, New Me: My New Year Resolutions.

I think I’ll start off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Wow what a year, it feels so surreal, almost like a blur

I can’t believe how fast 2018 went- looking back at it, it was both the longest year and the shortest year at the same time. I still can’t believe everything I’ve accomplished in a year and well, I’m hoping that 2019 brings the same accomplishments to not just myself but to everyone. 

This year, just like last, I have new resolutions:

Post more content on my blog:

When I first got my blog I was so excited to have it that it got overwhelming and I forgot to plan my posts which meant fewer posts. So learning from my lessons from last year I want to be more organised with my posts so I don’t lack ideas for what I want to put out.

Upgrade my closet:

This is something I’ve always wanted to do for the past year, I think I’ll slowly get there with doing look books and outfit ideas but it’s definitely something I want to take seriously.

Travel More:

Last year I spent a lot of time in my city hardly ever travelling, but this year I want to get out of the country at least twice and experience different cultures and lifestyles and I want to lay in the sun and drink cocktails this summer. I want to set time aside during summer and plan a trip to go on. 

Get Fit:

I feel like this is such a typical one that everyone has, “new year, new me” but this year, because I’m so determined to go on different holidays I’m also motivated to get a better body to travel with.

Experience New Things:

Slowly but surely I’m becoming more confident with doing things that may be outside of my comfort zone. This year I want to do things that I usually wouldn’t do and experience new things to make sure that that this year is a better year than last. 

And with that are my New Years resolutions, short and realistic. 

Feel free to share your new year resolutions too.