Cute Lounge Wear & Where To Find Them

Winter is one of those difficult seasons with choosing what to wear. I always find that i’m stuck between wanting to be warm and also wanting to look stylish without being over the top.

One thing i’m in love with wearing just now is knitted lounge wear, it’s like killing two birds with one stone because not only does it keep you warm but it also looks cute- so i’ve put together some lounge wear looks that you cant go wrong with. 

3 Winter Lipstick’s For Darkskin Girls

With is being winter you often find yourself either adding to you makeup routine for changing it completely. For me one way I do that is through lipsticks, winter for me is one of those seasons that just gives you an excuse to try new things.

So whether you want to try bolder colours to cheer yourself up or sticking to darker colours to match the gloomy weather. 

Sit tight because i’ve got 3 winter colours i’m loving right now that looks AMAZING on dark-skin girls. 

Winter Skincare

What A Year: Three Lessons I’ve Learnt This Year.

With the start of the new year just one week away I’ve found myself reminiscing over the last year, I mean who doesn’t get a little nostalgic at this time every year right?

In the midst of all my nostalgia, I’ve found that this year has been a very long one, though I’m not sure if I have the knowledge that it is also the end of the decade to thank for that- either way this year has been a year filled with massive amounts of growth and change. Which I suppose is a good thing, I mean you can’t possibly expect the year to end exactly how it started, life is filled with the unexpected and this year proved just that.