Skin Care Routine For Oily/Acne-Prone Skin

Having bad skin is the worst thing ever. Not only is it an uncomfortable feeling but it can also an a bad impact on your self confidence.

I’ve dealt with skin problems from a young age so I know the struggles of always breaking out and never feeling confident in your skin. I’ve gone through so many skin care products for my face and nothing really seemed to work or would work but only for a short period. Obviously age had a really big impact on my skin due to hormones, but lately I’ve found the ideal skin care routine for my skin that has made a huge visible improvement.

Here are some tips on how I cleared my skin.


Water, water, water!

You probably hear this a lot but it really makes a massive difference. Not only is water good for your general health but it can do amazing things for your skin.

It’s important to remember that the skin is also an organ, so like the other organs in your body, it needs water to function properly.

Dehydration causes lack of moisture in the skin which leads to dryness and at times acne: research had shown that drinking water helps to cleanse the toxins in the skin and reduces the inflammation, leaving your skin with a healthy radiant glow. It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Tip: Try a variety of infused water, my favourite is lemon and cucumber.


Wash your face!

Throughout the day the face gets covered in dirt, bacteria etc so by washing your face you’re cleansing your face from all these things.

I wash my face in the morning and the evening using one of two face washes.

The first one I use is an oil free charcoal face wash by Biore– this is a pore cleanser because spots surface when the pores are clogged this really helps to clear your pores and help prevent spots.

The second face wash I use is Cetaphil– This is an Oily skin Cleanser, it so good for removing the excess oil from the face so for someone with oily skin such as myself it really makes a difference.


After washing my face, I use a cleansing lotion from Mario Badescu, as well as oily skin this is also ideal for acne prone skin. Not only does it help in reducing the excess shine caused by oily skin it also helps to reduce spots.


The next thing I use on my face is a gel serum from The Ordinary. I use just a few drops of this for my blemishes, after the first time I tried this I was so shocked about how well it worked- after just a week of using it I saw a difference in my skin. This is used before any creams that I apply to my face.


After applying the product above to my face I follow up with the Mario Badescu Skin Renewal Complex Moisturiser, again this cream is also good for acne scars and blemishes. When using this I mix it with Vaseline to moisturise my face further.


The next thing I apply to my face Is Tea Tree Oil. This is one of the main things I use to treat my spots, this is anti-inflammatory and so it helps to reduce the breakout of acne.

Tip: When using Tea Tree Oil it is important to only apply it to the affected areas  because it is very strong and in my experience over usage can cause dryness of the skin which may cause the skin to peel.


After everything above Is applied I finish off with a Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray. This is hydrating mist which I use to further hydrate my face. This is really good because although water is very good for your skin, it will still reach every other organ in your body before it reaches your skin. So having a hydrating mist to use as you drink water is a good way to make sure your skin is always hydrated and moisturised.


Side Note: I still get the odd spot from time to time due to stress, hormones etc. But since I started this skin care routine I have noticed that they’re not as full on as they used to be in the past.